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Hunter Water issue water warning to Hunter Residents.

Breaking News: Hunter Water Addresses Taste and Odor Concerns in Water Supply

Hunter Water, a leading water management authority, acknowledges the recent increase in MIB (Methyl-Isoborneol), a naturally occurring compound, within segments of its water distribution network. While MIB can impart an earthy or musty taste and odor to water, Hunter Water reassures the public that tap water remains safe to drink, with no adverse health effects associated with MIB exposure.

Residents in areas served by Hunter Water, particularly in Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, and Port Stephens, may notice changes in taste or odor. However, the company anticipates that most affected areas will see improvements within two to three days.

In response to the situation, Hunter Water has initiated measures to enhance the removal of MIB at the Grahamstown Water Treatment Plant. This includes the introduction of powdered activated carbon (PAC), a commonly used substance in water treatment processes, deemed safe for consumption.

Although MIB and another compound known as geosmin pose no health risks, they can be detected by human senses even at low concentrations. To mitigate taste and odor concerns, consumers are advised to refrigerate water, as colder temperatures can help alleviate these effects.

For additional information and updates, please visit Hunter Water’s official website:

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