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Shocking revelation: Wollombi Road upgrade cost skyrockets

Cessnock Councilor Raises Alarm Over Significant Cost Overrun in Wollombi Rd Stage 1 Project

In a recent Facebook update, Cessnock Councilor Ian Olsen disclosed startling information regarding the Wollombi Road upgrade project. Despite a closed briefing, Olsen shared that stage 1 of the project has experienced an $11 million cost blowout within just 12 months. While specific details remain confidential, plans are anticipated to be released imminently.

Olsen’s frustration was palpable in his video update, expressing disappointment over the lack of transparency and answers provided during the briefing. Originally budgeted at $34 million, the project’s cost has now escalated to $45 million, leaving uncertainty about the source of the additional funds.

The councilor voiced concerns about the impact on the community and emphasized the need for public consultation and feedback. He highlighted the urgency for residents to have access to information to make informed decisions, lamenting the lack of opportunity for open dialogue and public meetings.

As the project progresses, Olsen pledged to keep constituents informed and encouraged active engagement from the community. However, he expressed skepticism about the rush to finalize the project before the upcoming election, cautioning against compromising quality for expediency.

The revelation of the cost overrun in the Wollombi Road project underscores the importance of accountability and transparency in local infrastructure initiatives, leaving residents eager for further updates and clarity on the way forward.

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