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The Caledonia’s Hotel Takes Stand for Cash Transactions

The Caledonia’s Hotel in Singleton, previously in the limelight for defying Covid lockdown measures, has now shifted its focus to advocating for the continued use of cash transactions. In a bold move, the hotel criticized businesses that refuse cash payments, labeling them as short-sighted.

In a statement shared on their Facebook page, the hotel quoted the adage “A FOOL AND HIS MONEY ARE SOON PARTED,” urging businesses to reconsider their stance on cash transactions. They emphasized that turning away cash-paying customers could ultimately harm their bottom line, as there are numerous establishments willing to accept cash.

The hotel addressed broader societal complacency, condemning attitudes of resignation towards global issues. They challenged the notion that future generations should solely bear the responsibility for addressing challenges, calling such sentiments “pathetic.”

The statement invoked a sense of gratitude towards those who sacrificed for freedom and urged individuals to stand against injustice. The hotel underscored the importance of acknowledging and respecting the privileges inherited from previous generations, urging humility and vigilance.

The hotel’s outspoken stance has sparked discussion and reflection on societal values, prompting individuals to consider their roles in shaping a better future.

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