October 26 11:00 PM


The Hunter was already on edge because Gladys redirected vaccines from the Hunter to Sydney. I guess that was our reward for being Covid Free for almost 1 year. Many vaccine bookings were cancelled just as two girls decided they would breach the health orders and bring the virus into our community.

They then allegedly mislead authorities about places and venues they had attended, and as a result, they have seeded the virus throughout the Hunter Region.

Twelve aged care residents have now been hospitalized because of their actions, and school kids now can’t go to school. And many businesses in the Hunter area are on the brink of collapse.

We may not know who you are as of yet, but the whole community is angry with your selfish actions. We hope that you are banished from ever coming to the Hunter region again and the judge throws the book at you.

But the people of Hunter are not just angry with you. NSW Police stopped one of the girls at a Cardiff train station on July 29th where she claimed she fell asleep and missed her stop. NSW police gave the young woman a caution and a directive to return to Sydney, but the action taken by NSW Police was not good enough. Many questions needed to be asked, such as did Police ensure she boarded a train heading back to Sydney?

NSW Police also stopped a vehicle in the Hunter area on an unrelated matter at around 1:45am on Friday, the 30th of July, near Shortland with two young females that police alleged were from Sydney. Police issued fines and directed the girls to return to Sydney. They should have been arrested or escorted out of the region.

Unfortunately, the girls did not comply, and instead they attended a party at Shortland and a gathering at Black Smiths Beach, went shopping and attended night clubs in Newcastle, whilst infectcus with the Delta Variant.

Since your unwanted arrival in the Hunter area, 77 people have been infected, and 12 aged care residents are in the hospital. Thankfully 11 of 12 are fully vaccinated, but livelihoods are being ruined due to lockdowns.

If Gladys can’t get her act together, build the ring of steel around Sydney and get the virus under control real soon, she must resign or be sacked. This could have a been prevented if the NSW Government implemented a strong Covid response.