September 22 3:27 PM


It seems like, every few minutes, there’s a new piece of Covid-19 information we must know about: new exposure sites, new cases, borders closing and opening, people breaching draconian laws risking fines and jail time for exercising their birth rights of freedom of speech and freedom of movement in what was once a free and open society.

It’s a never-ending stream of fear, raising the anxiety of every Australian. Every day our state politicians stand before the cameras and face a very few select journalists to field some pretty soft questions from our media. They tell us how deadly this virus is, yet very few people are dying from it in Australia. The virus is more transmissible and it’s going to kill you, your family and friends. The only way out of this mess is to get vaccinated and the medical evidence suggests you have a better chance of survival than being not being vaccinated.

Our government and health officials tell us everyday is that the vaccine prevents serious illness and only the unvaccinated are being admitted to hospital. We have been told this every day here in NSW repeatedly by Dr Chant, Brad Hazzard, and Gladys but they never back these claims up with data or any proof, so what do other countries with more experience with Covid and the vaccines say?

The UK’s chief scientific advisor, Sir Patrick Vallance, said “60% of people presenting to hospital have been doubled vaccinated”, he later issued a correction to say that actually 60% of people being hospitalized are unvaccinated, meaning 40% of everybody being hospitalized has had at least one dose or been fully vaccinated, which is contradictory to what our health officials are telling us.

He went on to estimate that 10% of the UK will still be at risk from serious illness caused by Covid-19 once everyone has had their chance to be vaccinated. That’s 10% of a very large number. In the UK, that would be more than 6 million people. Here in Australia, that would be around 2.4 million people at risk.

I can’t see any time in the near future where lockdowns won’t be needed to some degree, with so many people still at risk even after being vaccinated. I’m not a doctor and it’s not our job to tell people whether to get vaccinated or not. That is a conversation you need to have with your own doctor, but everyone needs to know the truth. We are all adults and we can handle the truth.

Mandatory vaccinations are something that our politicians like to dodge. The Australian government has already made it mandatory for aged care workers to be vaccinated but will they do it for the rest of the country? Once again, if we look to the UK, they have just had Freedom Day, but it comes with conditions, such as you must be fully vaccinated to enter nightclubs or attend venues with large crowds, although a recent negative test is acceptable. But the UK’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, has said by the end of September a negative test result will no longer be accepted.

Whilst not technically mandatory, your freedom will be tied to your vaccination. Other countries – like France – have passed laws to fine or jail shop owners for letting people into their shops without checking their vaccination passport. The Australian Government will be watching closely how these policies work overseas.