November 29 11:22 AM

155 cases in four days, should the Hunter stay under the doona for longer?

The Hunter has been spared the worst of Covid up till now with 155 new cases in four days, you have wonder why is it happening now as the Hunter Region has been under strict lockdown orders now for 7 weeks after almost going 12 months without a case and being fully open.

With only essential businesses operating and most people locked in their homes except for some daily exercise and a trip to the supermarket Covid seemed to be spreading very slowly with only a handful cases each day, but all that changed this week with daily cases more than doubling than previous weeks.

Why now, has Covid reared its ugly head in the Hunter, maybe it’s because the weather is warming up and people are heading out for more exercise and recreation, did we lockdown too early and are we suffering from lockdown fatigue and some people are breaking the rules?

The Hunters top public health official, Dr Dave Durrheim wants to keep us under the doona a bit longer and has called for more time before opening the regions to Sydney,

“Sydney should stay in Sydney” to give regions a “fair chance” to get vaccinated before the state starts opening up.

Dr Dave Durrheim

Should the Hunter stay under the doona longer to give us a chance to increase vaccination rates and get the current outbreak under control, or should we start to learn to live with Covid?