October 26 11:26 PM


Yesterday construction workers in Victoria staged a mostly peaceful protest which turned ugly after the union refused to bow to demands of their members.

Construction workers begun gathering outside the CFMEU Headquarters around 8:30am in the morning demanding and end to mandatory vaccination for the industry.

Construction workers in Victoria have until October 5th to have their first jab otherwise they can longer work on construction sites.

Around midday the Union Boss John Setka addressed the crowd in an attempt defuse the situation, saying the union does not support mandatory vaccination, unfortunately that was not enough for the crowd and he was pelted with bottles and bread crates, John Setka was forced to retreat back inside the building.

Around 3pm union representatives told crowds that negotiations were ongoing needed one more hour to negotiate a solution.

Around 4pm union officials failed to address the crowd with a solution to their problem and the crowd begun to chant “times up” as the crowd erupted into violence hurling bottles and rocks smashing the front doors and windows scuffles broke out between union officials and the crowd. Fire hoses were used to defend the building from

The riot squad moves shooting rubber bullets and tear gas snd clashing with construction workers to disburst the crowd.

The CFMEU has issued a statement claiming yesterdays protest was hi hacked by Neo-Nazi and far right extremists that lead to the violence out the CFMEU Headquarters.