October 26 11:19 PM


Epidemiologist Tony Blakely says the vaccinated are only 5% to 10% less likely to transmit Covid-19 in an interview on Sevens Sunrise program this morning.

This means the vaccinated still have a 90% to 95% chance of transmitting Covid-19 between two vaccinated people, so does this mean your vaccination is useless? The short answer is no the vaccine can prevent serious illness and death in those who have been vaccinated.

Talk your doctor and make an informed choice for yourself when comes to the vaccines.

So this means even if you are a vaccinated hero, you must very careful when around the elderly and vulnerable in the community, because you can and will likely still catch Covid-19 and pass on to someone who might be elderly or vulnerable which may cause a breakthrough infection.

This was the whole point of the vaccine was not to just protect yourself but to protect those most vulnerable people in the community. To open up at 70% fully vaccinated is a huge gamble and the stakes could not be higher.

NSW is on the cusp of reopening for only the vaccinated once they hit the 70% vaccination threshold, but with so many cases in the community, we could see a rapid rise in cases, but hopefully the rates of hospitalization will remain stable because of the vaccine, but of course that is just fantasy to think that vaccinated won’t come into contact with the unvaccinated, less than 1% of people in NSW have caught covid-19 because of harsh lockdowns have suppressed the virus, but once we open up again the virus will be free to spread faster than we have ever seen.

We have to live with Covid and that means, sadly some people will die, but how much death is too much? And will the government apply the brakes if necessary?