November 29 9:44 AM

Would you eat at a venue that allows the unvaccinated?

New Facebook groups are popping up for businesses who will be offering services to both vaccinated and unvaccinated people which is receiving a mixed response from the community. One group for the Hunter has been started for those which will be allowing unvaccinated people into their venues.

The rules are clear at 70% vaccination NSW will begin phasing in the New World Order, everyone will tracked and traced and vaccine verified, but if you are not double jabbed you will likely be stuck at home and only allowed to visit essential places like the supermarket, pharmacy and doctors/hospitals for medical treatment.

The Ellalong Hotel has just announced it will join the Calli Hotel in Singleton to allow unvaccinated patrons with the same message divided we fall. Save Australia

The Ellalong Hotel is and has always been a community minded hotel. We will as we always have accept all wakes of life. We don’t care if you are vaccinated or not vaccinated, if you fat, thin, tall or vertically challenged, gay, straight, white, black, hot or down right ugly or even a dragons supporter. We welcome all. United we stand – divided we fall. Save Australia 💙❤️ Some things are worth fighting for.

The Ellalong Hotel

But ultimately in the end it will be up to businesses to choose who they let in, once the NSW government decides that Covid-19 is no longer an emergency and the unvaccinated can come out of their bunkers, but my guess is they will hold on to these emergency powers for a long as possible.

What do you think? Would you visit a business that allows the unvaccinated?