October 26 11:51 PM

Maitland Councillor calls for MCC to adopt the use of mobile CCTV Towers

Maitland Liberal Councillor Mitchell Griffin has provided a notice of motion for next Tuesday’s meeting of Maitland City Council to look in to the viability of a trial of mobile CCTV for Maitland.

CCTV has been on the agenda for the council for a number of years as an option for crime
prevention in suburbs including Woodberry and Rutherford. If successful next Tuesday, council will look in to the viability of a trial of the mobile optionbased on the successful trial undertaken by Ryde Council in 2017.

“Ryde council has seen a lot of success with these trailers, particularly with anti-social behaviour and illegal dumping. They are very visual, and assists with the prevention of crime.”

Council has explored options already for Maitland, but has been met with barriers on each occasion. A mobile system would allow the council to move these cameras to areas of
need without the need of installing infrastructure.”

“It would be a good opportunity to have a look at the trial undertaken by Ryde Council, and see whether it is worth trialling in a regional city setting.”


A trial undertaken by the Sydney based council included mobile trailers which were fixed to
a location for a designated period of time. These trailers included an extendable mast with 6 high definition cameras capable of capturing vision in a 360-degree view. If adopted council will report back to council with options by December 2020.