October 26 9:48 PM

Shirt fronting allegations as community anger grows over Morpeth DA

A small group of protesters gathered outside Maitland Council Chambers before last Tueday night’s council meeting was due to begin in an attempt to shirt front councillors and to show their disgust about a pending Development Application to build 130 tiny houses in Morpeth.

Shortly after the meeting Cr Sally Halliday discovered her car had been vandalized. She innitilty blamed the protesters who she said were advised to shirt front councillors.

The protesters denied they were responsible for the damage to Cr Halliday car and denied they were advised they shirt front Councillors and were only exercising their right to protest peacefully.

Cr Halliday has since updated her post and removed the shirt front allegations as she received backlash from members of the Morpeth Resident Action Group.

However MHV NEWS has obtained information that suggests that Maitland Councillor Robert Aitchison may have advised residents to shirt front councillors before the last Tueday night’s meeting.

We have reached out to Councillor Robert Aitchison for comment.

We can confirm Cr Robert Aitchison is a member of the Morpeth Resident Action group on Facebook, but it’s unclear what his role is in the group.

Stay tune as there will be more to this story as Morpeth Residents step up their campaign against the Development.