September 22 3:42 PM


The lasted covid banned activity is for the crowd to catch the footy if the ball is kicked into the crowd at the ALF thos weekend in Adelaide.

Professor Nicola Spurrier has advised to duck and take cover from the ball as it might be a covid bomb and could infect anyone who touches the balls.

At this point you might be thinking this article belongs in the statire section, but no this is current health advice from Professor Nicola Spurrier

If the ball is such risk to the crowd, why the bloody hell is the game allowed to go head, why has a Melbourne team been granted permission to travel to South Australia? Or why will the crowd be allowed to attend?

This is just what you call covid madness, and a health advisor gone mad with power, this the same woman who said pizza boxes were transmitting in South Australia’s outbreak, which turn out to be a hoax and pizza boxes did not transmit covid.